Qt apps to Nokia’s Series 40 feature phones?

Yesterday Nokia annnounced a new initiative to bring more applications to their Series 40 mass market platofrm as Java and web applications.  This blog post or their press release don’t mention Qt at all, even though just last week in Singapore, their SVP of Developers and Marketplace unit Marco Argilenti said Qt will have an important role in bringing applications to the next billion mobile phone users.

In Nokia’s Qt blog, Daniel Kihlberg also writes… Qt will be a core component in the Nokia strategy to bring apps to the next billion”.

Many mobile and technology sites have presumed these hints mean Nokia is integrating Qt support into the Series 40 platform. This could make Qt development more interesting for developers, because it would have a future in Nokia’s portfolio even after MeeGo (or just Nokia N9) and Symbian devices. However, Nokia has been careful not to say Qt is really coming to Series 40.

Yesterday I called Nokia’s press office and asked about this. Their spokesperson said Nokia has not announced Qt for Series 40, but admited that “it would be a good guess”.

Why do people have to guess? If Nokia wants developers and publishers to invest their time and tools in Qt, it would make sense to be open about this instead of giving vague hints. Of course, you could speculate this is still very early technology wise, and current Series 40 maybe a far away from being able to run Qt apps, or maybe the schedule is very uncertain for some other reason.

In February I (and a couple of other journalists) had a quick interview with Nokia’s CTO Rich Green at Mobile World Congress (MWC). I asked about bringing Qt to Windows Phone too. Green emphasized Qt support is not coming to WP, but instead .NET, Silverlight and XNA are and also will be the tools to build apps and games on that platform.

If you’re a developer and experienced with Qt, do you believe it has potential on Series 40, and are you willing to continue with your  efforts on Qt?

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  1. IF WE HAVE QtJambi equivanet in .NET environment, I think its easy to guess.

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