Windows Phone 7 Mango gets praising previews

I haven’t been very interested in switching to the first Windows Phone 7 devices from Dell, HTC, LG, Samsung I have tried. They all felt about the same, except for the Dell Venue Pro which has a decent physical thumb QWERTY keyboard.

However, the Windows Phone 7 Mango update, due out this fall, seems to get positive previews. Those who have got hands on with the developer beta which has become available to some developers and partners of Microsoft, have complimented multi-tasking. the new virtual keyboard and better Facebook integration. There’s a nice introduction to new features at

I have also tried to get a copy of the Mango beta from Microsoft for testing on my device, but it hasn’t been available for jounralists at this early stage. However, some international media have got some kind of an hands on with it based on those previews. I prefer to believe when I can test it myself.

At the moment Windows Phone 7 lacks many important apps and games, for example Spotify to mention an important one for me. Although there are rumours it’s almost ready, waiting for the Mango launch.  The same some rumours have said about Skype too.

The UI in Windows Phone 7 is easy to learn and smooth, but it’s also a bit limited. In my opinion it’s annoying most menus don’t rotate to landscape mode. If I browse the web, check something from the startup view and return to web browser, I have to physically turn my device two times.

WP7 has one nice feature Nokia should quickly copy to Symbian too. When there’s security code lock in the iddle mode, you can still take pictures with the camera.  This way you don’t miss some quick moments. Apple already announced this feature will come to iOS 5 too.

Business users, and especially large enterprise IT managers have still been worried about the limited support for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync policies and 3rd party management and security solutions, compared to Windows Mobile 6.x, or even iPhone 4.x and Symbian 3. WP7 does not even have encryption for stored data, and as far as I know, it’s coming even with the WP7 Mango update.

WP7 has an easy to use UI, but it still lacks many apps available on Android, iOS and Symbian.