Symbian Anna and faster web browser

Nokia fan site All About Symbian (AAS) has done a light speed test of web browsers of Symbian 3 (running on Nokia C7) against Symbian Anna (Nokia X7). Symbian Anna brings an updated version of the Nokia browser. The conclusion of AAS is that Symbian Anna browser version 7.3 is an average of 23,5% faster than the version 7.2 in Symbian 3.

They admit this is a not a comprehensive speed test, and with other sites and test methods the result could be different. Their readers have also commented it would have been good to see the same rseults compared to the often touted Opera Mobile browser. Of course, it doesn’t support Flash either which explains a part of its speed compared to the Nokia browser.

I could add it would be interesting to compare speeds without and with Adobe Flash too. My experience is Flash is often causing the worst speed and stability problems with mobile browsers, and fortunately it’s rather easy to disable Flash. Most sites still show some kind of a place-holder image instead of Flash content.

My experience of three weeks with Nokia X7 gave an impression the Symbian Anna browser is still slower than the browser of Android 2.3 with Flash enabled, but without Flash loading times of numerous sites were about the same. Although I can’t be sure, I figured this would be caused by an underpowered CPU and/or GPU of Nokia X7 compared to Android 2.3 phones from HTC and Samsung.

I would not compare speeds with the Safari browser in iOS 4.x either, because it does not support Flash too. Or at least the comparison should be done with Flash disabled. Even though Flash often causes problems, I prefer Google’s and Nokia’s way to let the users decide about using Flash.

Regardless of speed tests, version 7.3 of the Nokia browser is welcome, because it also brings an enhanced support for web standards, such as better CSS3 support and basic HTML5 support.