Google+ app for iPhone, but not yet iPad or iPod touch

Yesterday Google released a Google+ app for iPhone 3G/3GS and iPhone 4. It’s in early beta, and Google+ developers have admited there still are many bugs. I tried it immediately on iPhone 4 with a recent iOS 4.x release, but for some reason I can’t even get in. The login says I “appear to be offline”. I could download the app from App Store and I can access on Safari, so there should not be any problem with my connection.

A big disappointment is that G+ only became available for iPhone. You can’t install it on iPod touch or iPad. App Store does not even show it in iPhone downloads for iPad.

Could this be a weak signal of iOS getting fragmented a bit in the same way as Android has? Of course, this kind of an release has been decision made by Google, not Apple. Will Google want to favour Android users against iOS users?

As a nice detail Google+ Mobile Lead Product Manager Punit Soni has been actively posting about their development. They have got a lot of feedback and answered to many bug reports and feature wishes too.

My primary device is still Nokia N8, but I haven’t noticed Google to promise a G+ app for Symbian 3 yet. I have a bad feeling Symbian is losing support of software developers very fast, and if this happens, many users will quickly want to change to Android, iOS or Windows Phone.