Samsung plans to sell Galaxy Tab 10,1 regardless of the court ban

Patent and trademark disputes are nasty, and often it feels they are against consumers’ best interest anyway.  The latest case is between Apple and Samsung, and a German court that has banned the sales of the new Galaxy Tab 10,1 tablet in Europe. Check the news reports on Google News if you don’t know about this yet.

However, Samsung doesn’t just give in to this court judgement. Instead they plan to sell at least current stocks of the device in Nordic countries, possibly elsewhere in Europe too. They have thousands of devices in stocks of retailers and operators.  This was confirmed by PR Manager Erik Johannesson from Samsung Nordics. I wrote a news piece (Finnish) about this today, and you can read (a bad) Google translation in English.

Johannesson told Galaxy Tab 10,1 has been on sale in Sweden since the end of June and has been received well. They have high expectations in other Nordic countries too. However, after the current stocks are empty, and Johannesson estimated they would last for a few weeks, Samsung will thoroughly analyse the legal situation before ordering any more devices.

One thought on “Samsung plans to sell Galaxy Tab 10,1 regardless of the court ban

  1. On the other hand, in the long run innovation hurts if patents are not respected. I don’t know the details of this case. According to some news sources, Apple claims they have protected the basic concept of a tablet device. This would mean no one else could manufacture a 10-inch device with a large screen in this form factor. Competition would suffer.

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