Gartner: Nokia still the number one in smartphones

Earlier this year, market analysts, such as research companies Canalys and Strategy Analytics have calculated both Apple and Samsung overtook Nokia in smartphone shipments during Q2 2011. Market analyst company Gartner surprised many with their Q2 2011 mobile phone market report by coming to a conclusion Nokia was still the number one in the second quarter in smartphone values. These different estimates are not as conflicting as it might first sound.

Garner bases its estimate on smartphone shipments to end-users, whereas Canalys and Strategy Analytics have calculated shipments to sales channels.

However, Gartner also estimates Nokia will lose the first position during the on-going third quarter, because they assess Nokia has not been able to sell a lot of new smartphones to fill the stocks of operators and retailers.

In smartphone platforms, Android has already crushed Symbian; 43,4 per cent vs. 22,1 per cent market shares according to the Gartner estimates. Symbian shipments are dropping, when the overall smarphone market is growing, about 74 per cent during Q2 2011 compared to Q2 200 (source: Gartner).

Gartner Q2 2011 smartphones. Click for the full-sized image.(Click the image to view it in full size.)

There are some interesting product launches coming later this year which won’t help Nokia in keeping its remaining market share with their Symbian devices. Especially in the developing countries and the youth market in the developed countries, Chinese vendors Huawei and ZTE are bringing more and more affordable Android smartphones. They will create a lot of pressure to cut prices for HTC, Samsung and other Android vendors too. Nokia is expected to announce affordable 500, 600 and 700 series Symbian devices soon too.

Huawei is soon shipping, or may have already started shipping to some operators an Android 2.2 smartphone with an estimated street price of 89 EUR (with a suggested official price of 99 EUR). It’s not as powerful as more expensive devices, and has a smaller screen, but it’s a nice looking device which can run Angry Birds, update Facebook and browse the web, so I guess teenagers will like it.

In the high-end market, iPhone 5 will probably create a lot of buzz. It’s interesting to see if Nokia will introduce an advanced Symbian device, or will we have to wait for the first Windows Phone Mango device.

But Huawei won’t be satisfied with the low-end market only. According to a very trustworthy source I met this week, they plan to introduce high-end Android smartphones with -/+ 4,0 inch screens with all the nice technical features for less than 350 EUR already this year.

This week, news have told how limited the availability of Nokia N9 will really be, as Nokia has confirmed it won’t become available for example in Germany, UK or USA. Fortunately, Nokia still lists quite many countries for availability on their Nokia N9 product site.

According to Gartner, Windows Phone still had only a 1,6 per cent market share during Q2 2011, so it will probably take some time until even Nokia could make it a winning platform.

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  1. I doubt Nokia can make such a big difference with WP7 it would be any different from LG, HTC and Samsung, etc. Microsoft has so tight specs they are all alike.

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