Ovi Store client broke, get the latest update

Yesterday my Ovi Store client broke totally. When starting it, it wanted to download an update. But this update didn’t work, but instead gave an error message saying “installation failed” or something like that. I still tried to use the old version, but it wouldn’t let me.

So I went to look for help on Nokia’s support forum. They have suggested re-installing some of the Qt files. The instructions tell I should install six separate .sis files in certain order. No f*cking way I’d go through that process.

Just when I thought this would end my co-operation with Ovi Store (soon to become Nokia Store, I believe), they fortunately released a new update (reported by Symbiantweet and others) that enabled me to easily install it again.

Note that some unofficial download links have spread on the web, but getting the update straight on the phone will download the official one.  So if your Ovi Store broke too, waiting for the latest v2.12.x update should be the easiest way to fix the problem. It’s probably already available for everyone.

Thanks to Nokia for solving this so quickly.