First taste of Mango in Finnish

Wonderful, today I changed from Symbian Belle to Windows Phone Mango. The Belle software kind of corrupted itself. It warned about ”memory full” and after a reboot the whole device was reset to the factory settings; all of my contacts, e-mails, apps and settings gone in an instant. I give up. It has to be my destiny telling now it’s time to move on. R.I.P Symbian.

Fortumately just conveniently yesterday I got the first Windows Phone Mango smartphone in Finnish. I will play with this until I decide my next actual device, possibly Nokia’s Sea Ray or HTC Titan. Or maybe Samsung introduces a WP device with the Galaxy S II form factor. That would be great.

I guess I will post more about WP Mango later, but one detail really puzzles me. Why haven’t Microsoft implemented a screen capture feature on the platform? It would be so handy to take screenshots without having install some developer tools and/or emulators.