Nokia Lumia 800 quickly from Germany

The first Nokia Windows Phone, Lumia 800 is not available in very many countries yet. Nokia is not shipping it in Finland yet, and they haven’t sent test devices for media even today. So I got tire of waiting and ordered the device from Germany.

I used a German online store which is now selling Lumia 800 for 439 euros plus some shipping costs.  I paid using my credit card connected with my account.  They seem to ship to 24 countries in addition to Germany. The store is in German, but you only have to know a few German words (start by clicking ‘jetzt kaufen’, buy now). Unfortunately only the black colour seemed to be available.

I ordered it online on Monday last week, and it was on my home front door on Friday. I wasn’t at home, since I was at work, and DHL once again didn’t bother to call me. Don’t they ever learn?. So I finally got it on Monday.

The black Lumia 800 I received is a device tailored for T-Mobile.  That means the T-Mobile logo will show during the boot for a few seconds. The initial language is German, you can change it to one of those almost 20 languages WP Mango supports at the moment. also seems to sell Lumia 800 now, but  I haven’t confirmed how many countries they ship to.  

The device also comes pre-installed with some T-Mobile apps and services in German language which don’t even seem to work with my Finnish SIM card. That’s not a problem, because you can easily remove them.  I’ve now used this for almost two days without any problems.

However,  I had a bit hassle with the Windows Live ID. Microsoft has limited the amount of mobile devices connected to a Live account to five devices. As I test many devices,  I have had five different WP smartphones. I removed those old devices on, but that didn’t seem to be enough.  WP notified I need to install the Zune client for Windows and remove the old devices there. The Mac client for WP I’m using does not support this. I solved this by creating a new Live ID with a new e-mail alias. I also had to reset Lumia 800 to factory default settings.

Of course, this hassle is not Nokia’s fault. However, this Live ID account limitation is good to remember if you play with many WP devices.

A few of my friends have order Lumia 800 from Germany too, because even many developers interested in the Windows Phone platform haven’t been able to get this device from Nokia yet. I hope the situation will improve quickly, as there aren’t very many Finnish apps or services on the WP Marketplace yet.

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  1. Hi Tero
    I am thinking about ordering the Nokia Lumia 800 as a christmas present to my wife and I am wondering if you can set finnish as the os language? So, will the version ordered from Germany have finnish menus and offer support for finnish characters such as ä and ö?
    Looking forward for your reply.

  2. Yes, I can confirm the device I ordered from supports Finnish menus and supports Finnish characters (Ä, Ö). It starts with German as the default language, but you can change it easily when switching it on for the first time.

    I would have posted screenshots too, but I haven’t found a way to capture them on Windows Phone yet.

    This T-Mobile version has a few German apps, which I deleted easily. The T-Mobile logo also shows during the boot for a few seconds. It does not bother me at all.

  3. Hi,

    I was wondering if being the T-Mobile branding -version shows in any other ways when using the phone? Do all services work properly in Finland and are there any limitations in features or countries in which you can use them?

    Also, have you noticed any problems with Windows skydrive?

    If I have understood right, this product is totally the same than that coming in stores in Finland next year, with only exeption being T-mobile logo shown at start-up? I really want to be sure about this 😉

    Have you heard about any other countries where this phone could be bought without operator contract? Is this T-mobile version best option or only option?

  4. The T-Mobile logo shows for 2-3 secods during the boot (swithing on) process. As I mentioned, this device also comes with a few T-Mobile apps (in German) which did not work with my Finnish SIM card, and I removed them.

    So far I haven’t found anything else T-Mobile specific. However, there’s no way I can be 100% sure Nokia would bring definitely the same device to Finland.

    One thing I just noticed with Nokia Lumia 800 is that multimedia messages (MMS) don’t work automatically. According to my friend, they can be configured manually, but I haven’t tried that myself yet.

    Before I had a Windows Phone from HTC (Radar), and MMS messages did not work automatically there either. I guess my operator Sonera has not setup automatic MMS settings for Windows Phone devices yet.

    I haven’t noticed problems with Skydrive. I saved a few files there.

    I haven’t heard of other countries where this would be available to Finland. Online stores in Germany seem to be the only country to get Lumia 800 to Finland now, and this seems to be the best option of them. If the situation changes, I’d be happy to hear about that from my readers.

  5. I bought my Nokia Lumia 800 from a Swedish web store but those are also imported from Germany with the T-mobile default settings, it’s a lot cheeper to import it yourself.

    I agree that the phone works just fine after changing the default language (to Swedish), the swedish keyboard with ÅÄÖ works just fine.

    I deleted the german apps from T-mobile, as they didn’t work here. And you have to go to settings > mobile net > register apn (not sure about the exact english names for those menus though) to register your mobile operator’s APN settings to get the phone to work with your mobile data network. The settings are easy to find by googling (or binging? :-)) I haven’t found any separate settings for MMS yet though.

  6. What’s the warranty-situation like? I mean, if I order the phone from germany and it happens to break down, does it mean I’m left crying over spilled milk, or may I take it for a repair here in Finland? Just thinking whether to order it now or wait for it to hit the stores sometime in February…

    Cheers in advance for the reply!

  7. As far as I know, under EU law (directives) the warranty and manufacturer’s responsibility are binding in all the EU member countries. However, you might be required tto first contact the seller abroad.

    In many cases the local companies also accept products bought abroad for repair, but may not have to.

    I found the following on EU web sites: ”If you have bought something in another EU Member State and you have a complaint about the goods or service you have purchased, you must first try to reach agreement with the seller abroad.”

  8. Warranty should work in Europe.

    From Nokia website: ”This Limited Warranty is only valid and enforceable in the country where you have purchased the Product provided that Nokia has intended the Product for sale in that country. However, if you have purchased the Product in a member state of the European Union, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland or Turkey and Nokia originally intended the Product for sale in one of these countries, this Limited Warranty is valid and enforceable in all of these above listed countries. Some limitations to the warranty service may apply because of country specific elements in the Products.”


  9. MMS is a bit problematic. It WP7 feature not to be able to change required settings. Nokia like HTC has published an application that can do the trick for you but it is not available for Nokia any more. My phone is T Mobile DE branded and at this point only way to get MMS working at Sonera (or any other) network is to go ”under” the Windows Phone 7 skin.

  10. how to change the default german language into english???

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