Jolla aims to bring Android apps on Meego

You’ve probably read a lot about Jolla, a Finnish startup developing Meego based smartphones. They claim to offer genuine and powerful multi-tasking and a better user interface than Apple iOS and Google Android based devices. The device will have a touch screen larger than 3.5 inches. According to Jolla, the UI will contain familiar elements for Nokia N9 users, but lots of new too

Jolla also wants to offer lots of apps and services right from the start. But how would they accomplish that?

They have a plan that’s not widely knnown yet: Jolla tries to bring Android apps on Meego taking advantage of the OpenMobile Alliance ACL (Application Compatibility Layer). Meego  fans can only hope Google accepts this approach in Google Play too.

This Android plan was revealed when I interviewed Jolla’s CEO Jussi Hurmola for the Finnish technology and business weekly 3T. A shortened version of the story is online (in Finnish). You can get the basic idea in English with a Google translation of the news story.